The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries - A Beacon of Light for the Soul in Need!

THE LIGHTHOUSE FOR RECOVERY MINISTRIES' strives to treat each person who utilizes our current services with dignity and respect and desire to expand our programs and services for 2016 for immediate need basis and to restore their hope for their future.



Heaven's Hope for Men
Heaven's Hope for Women

We want to open 5 houses for men and 5 houses for women, preferably older, larger homes that will house 6-8 persons per home.  All facilities will be decorated as a traditional family style home with 6-12 months of residency, depending on each individual's situation.

Our transitional and recovery supportive housing programs will provide subsidized, scattered-site housing with intensive case management and other support services to ensure the successful housing and community integration of each client. Frequent in-home case management meetings focus on housing stability, increasing self-sufficiency and self-determination.

In addition, the programs help our clients develop skills in money management, housekeeping, and integrating into the community. Case managers assist clients with obtaining and maintaining employment or other income and addressing mental health and physical health needs. Clients with income pay 30% of their income towards rent each month.


Safe Haven Abounds Homeless Shelter

There are many reasons why individuals or families become homeless. The road from homelessness to a normal life can be filled with many challenges that may seem insurmountable, but will provide a sheltered environment  to make it easier for the homeless to lead normal, productive lives.
We offer dignity and hope to all, so that no persons sleep on the streets of our community. 

Our number one priority as a homeless charity is to provide homeless assistance and stability to people at our shelter. While we will  provide shelter to 800 homeless women, children and men on a daily basis, we don’t stop there. We offer a meal program,  job training, education,  medical and dental help, childcare, case management and housing placement among other services.

We will take a holistic view of the problem, and will not  focus on just one symptom of homelessness. Why not help us continue to provide opportunities for the homeless to lead independent, productive lives?

Safe Haven Abounds Family Center

We will purchase an apartment complex, 20-30 apartments with 1- 3 bedrooms to provide transitional housing program for homeless married couples and families in a safe, secured area.  

This program will be modeled after our Heaven's Hope programs.

Safe Haven Abounds For At-Risk Youth Center

The At risk youth center will be a 6-12 month, temporary, voluntary housing option for homeless youth. The program serves youth who are between the ages of 12-21, offering a comprehensive continuum of services.

These will include:

  • case management
  • education and vocational support and planning
  • substance abuse and mental health counseling
  • health care
  • life and job skill classes
  • HIV/STD/pregnancy prevention and education
  • referrals to community resources and advocacy as needed.

Each youth develops a Service Plan that will help identify immediate needs and set long term goals in core developmental areas.

The Center will work closely with other programs in our local community, to provide a combination of these services which allows Safe Haven  to provide a holistic approach to each resident’s needs.

The program will provide a structured community that supports residents to develop independent living skills, sustained employment and financial savings, as well as on-going educational pursuits. The program provides opportunities to reinforce skills already mastered and to identify skills which need to be developed and strengthened in order for each youth to be successful living independently.

The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries Day Resource  Center

The  Day Resource Center will be a  hub of activity seven days a week, with hundreds of men and women accessing various services each day.

Information and referral about both our program  and other community resources will be offered informally by Client Service Specialists at the Front Desk or by phone 24/7 and 365 days a year.

For individuals and families facing the crisis of homelessness, simply sorting through multiple needs and making a plan for how to begin to address these needs can be overwhelming. Our Day Center will serve as a central point of assessment and referral, helping provide guidance through this challenging time. Printed up-to-date resource listings on a range of topics are available, and our staff members will  assist clients in mapping transportation to other agencies.
We will provide showers/restrooms, laundry facilities, clothing, food and personal hygiene pantries, local phone and message services for the homeless, mail service for homeless; document bank and inside lockers for the homeless.

The Center will also house our administrative offices, our computer lab, our educational center, our employment centers and in house work programs, and training centers.


We want to lease or purchase an Old Pizza Hut that is four doors down from us to convert into a before and after school food program for disadvantaged children: indigent and low income.

No child should grow up hungry in America, but more than 16 million children – that’s one in five – struggles with hunger. Nearly half of all people who use the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP or food stamps) are kids. Hunger prevents kids from reaching their full potential and it’s an epidemic that’s threatening America’s future. 21 million U.S. kids receive a free or reduced-price school lunch, but only half of those kids also get breakfast, even though they’re eligible. And only 1 in 7 kids who get free and reduced-price school lunches also receive summer meals. Hunger has a huge effect on how a child performs at school. In fact, 9 out of 10 teachers say having a healthy breakfast is key to academic achievement.


The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries Recuperative Care 

Homeless individuals who are too sick to be released to a shelter or the streets, but are not sick enough to stay in the hospital, are referred by social workers from our local hospitals to our Recuperative Care Program. While the patient is in Recuperative Care, they are first placed in a nursing home and then provided with intensive Case Management to help them with income, housing, and self-care needs. Following the nursing home stay, clients are moved to transitional housing, with continued support to assist them with permanent housing and maintaining their health.

Fan Drive

 The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries will sponsor annual “Fan Drive” to raise funds to buy window and table fans for families who lack air-conditioned homes. Low-income Alabamians, and particularly older folks, may forgo air-conditioning because they don’t have it or can’t afford to pay the electric bill to run it. Every year, stories appear in the paper about elders who die from the heat in their own homes. Our program will  address this life-or-death issue by supplying fans to eligible low income and elderly in the state of Alabama.

Who is eligible? Low income households that lack air-conditioning and have not received a fan from the The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries Fan Drive within the prior year.

What documentation is required? Proof of income. 


In addition to the annual fan distribution program, we will raise funds through private donations to buy and distribute space heaters to families who lack adequate heat in their homes.

Who is eligible? Low income households that lack heating units and have not received a heater from The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries within the prior year.

What documentation is required? Proof of income. 

 We will welcome all  donations of new fans and new heaters!

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