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Our transitional housing is a privately- held, non-profit, with a  long-term  program that is designed to first and foremost, provide services and programs for the homeless, veterans, domestic violence victims, at risk children, youth and families, substance and alcohol abusers and prison re-entry in our community, our city and county, our state and nationwide.

    As Executive Director and Founder, I am interested in quality versus quantity in the clients that enter our programs, therefore we limit the number of clients to no more than 90 individuals at one time  (with an active waiting list of 259)  except for our "at risk" clients.

We accept clients regardless of race, creed, sexual preference, color, or disability, ex-offenders, (both nonviolent and violent); therefore, we have a zero tolerance towards bias and bigotry.

When you enter our program, you are a person, not a number to me.  I am hands on with each and every client. It provides me with the ability to "read" changes in behaviors and attitudes in order to assist in returning them to a stable position.

We do not abide by a set time frame that forces our client to graduate in a certain amount of days or months. A client stays until he or she is completely ready to rejoin society- it could be 3 months, 6 months or 24 months.

From experience, I devise program (treatment) plans that are tailored to each and every individual's needs - therefore one person will recover at a different time and place than another person and be ready to move on towards their new life. 

Due to resource allocations dwindling, I review and approve every client that walks through our doors, therefore I am looking only for individuals who sincerely want to change their lives and return to society as productive citizens as clients. We are not a "Stopover" or "Way Station" for those individuals who are looking for temporary care until their next score.


  • Sexual Offenders
  • Detox or transfers from hospital psych wards or mental health facilities  (unless approved by the Executive Director)
  • Active or Chronic Substance Abusers or Alcoholics - you must have completed a certified six to twelve month substance or alcohol abuse program before seeking entrance as a client.
  • Municipal or City Probationers - prison re-entry only.


  1. Our program utilizes single- family residences (houses) instead of dormitory style facilities.
  2. ABSOLUTELY NO DRUG OR ALCOHOL USE WHILE IN THIS PROGRAM. Random drug tests are given and anyone failing a screening will be dismissed from the program immediately.
  3. The cost is $120.00per person per week.  Grace periods are on an individual basis with the approval of the Executive Director.
  4. All clients will be required to work while you are in this program.
  5. We provide in-house employment services that you can utilize in your job search.
  6. Only exceptions are those on SSI, SSDI or attending college as a full time student. SSI and SSDI will work within our cost centers at least 20 hours per week.
  7. The number of clients in each residence will be determined by the amount of bedrooms in each house.
  8. Men and Women will be housed in separate houses. There will be no co-ed living in this program.
  9. Clients will be responsible for the housekeeping chores that are assigned to them each week in their house.
  10. All clients will be required to have at least a GED in this program.  Educational pursuits to gain a GED is offered through our program and tutors are available for assistance.
  11. For those clients  released on a program from any prison system (Parole, Probation, CCP),you will be required to make your mandatory meetings with your assigned officers; stipulated 12 step meetings and other stipulations that is required by state or federal DOC's.

(Opening in Sept 2017)

  • The maximum number of clients in this program will be 200 individuals from age 0 to 18.
  • Housing will be dormitory style.
  • It is mandatory that all clients attend school while in this program.
  • We provide tutors for those who need assistance.
  • We are in the process of working with several foundations with the goal of having a residential school by 2018.

AT RISK FAMILIES (Opening in Sept 2017)

  • The maximum number of clients are 20 families.
  • Families in this program are designated as single-parent or both parents and their children.
  • Clients will be housed in 2 or 3 bedroom apartments.
  • The cost will be $120.00 per week for single parent households and $150.00 per week for both parent households.
  • Parents are required to work and we will provide in-house employment services to help in your job search.

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