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Many times, the parole of an inmate is denied due to their lack of knowledge in completing an effective and solid parole packet and presentation. Parole packets are vital and significant in achieving parole, but there are many other aspects that are of equal importance. We are not just a one and done parole packet company like others. We are a full service parole release company that stays with your loved one until release is obtained.
We provide in depth, high quality Parole Packet Services for all inmates throughout the state of Alabama. We are experts in the Alabama prison and parole system.  Please feel free to browse our website. We are certain when you are done, you will understand the difference our service will make for your loved one. Then it's easy. Simply contact us to get the ball rolling.
Everyone makes mistakes in life and deserves a second chance. Unfortunately, obtaining that second chance in the judicial system is often difficult without experienced guidance. Our mission is to help you along that labyrinth of legal documentation so that your loved one can obtain that second chance, parole, in a fair and timely way, at a no cost to you.
While we can’t guarantee that parole will be granted, we CAN guarantee that we WILL increase the odds and stay at it until release is gained. If you are ready to take the necessary steps to strengthen the parole opportunity for your loved one to come home, give us a call, an email or write to us on their behalf.

Our parole release services are designed to obtain the best results possible for your loved one's individual case. We develop a contingency plan and stay in touch with you and the inmate, through out the whole process. THEY are not forgotten! Our job is not complete, until your loved one is released.
Our services reinforce and strengthen parole opportunities. Experience does make a difference and our success rate is very high. We know when to do it, where to do it, and we are experts at the "how". Because the parole system is so complicated and parole boards are innidated with new parole cases every day, having an experienced parole release service at your side does make a huge difference.
Our service revolves around the following steps to which we apply our knowledge and expertise:
What happens Now...
Each state differs in their procedures; however, the general concept is fairly the same. Each state has the same foundation of a Parole Board which conducts a Parole Review or a Parole Hearing. The outcome of the Review or the Hearing is the result of one being granted the privilege of parole or being denied the privilege of parole.
What is Parole Review?
 Review is the beginning of the process when a file is being prepared for the voting Board; the parole review process begins 4 to 6 months prior to an Offender's parole eligibility date or their next review date.

What is Parole?

Parole is a privilege not a right! Parole is the release of an Offender from incarceration to serve the remainder of his or her sentence under supervision in the community known as the "free world". Offenders may only be paroled if they receive approval from a Parole Panel and if they have served enough of their sentence to be eligible by law for parole.

What is a Parole
A Parole Packet also known as a Parole Plan, is a presentation presented to the Parole Board on behalf of an Offender showing them to be a favorable candidate for parole.

If granted the privilege of Parole...

Congratulations on receiving a favorable vote! However, if Parole is denied, the review process repeats until Parole is granted or the sentenced time is served and discharged.
But, that is only the beginning of what we do. Inmates also receive various, timely, support materials in jail as his/her case progresses to further insure parole success. We routinely review and micro-manage each case and make adjustments accordingly with the inmate as parole hearing time approaches. It is a very dynamic process and a very important aspect in achieving parole. Our professional parole packets are but a small part, albeit an important part, of what we do. We just do so much more.
Bottom line, don't leave your loved one's case to the fate of the Alabama Parole system. Place it safely in our expert hands
Role of the Board of Pardons and Paroles
There shall be a Board of Pardons and Paroles which shall consist of three members.
    Parole eligibility is determined by the applicable statute and law the offender was convicted by. The AL Board of Probation and Parole cannot schedule a parole grant hearing until the AL Department of Correction (ADOC) certifies that the offender is eligible for parole. ADOC determines eligibility by calculating sentences and sentence credits (time served or granted as incentive) in compliance with The Alabama Code of Law, 1975, Section 15.
By statute, Judges are required to impose sentences and to determine the classification of the offender. Alabama Code of Law, 1975 describes the various classifications (or ranges) of offenders: including Especially Mitigated; Standard; Multiple; Persistent; and Career Offender. Based on that classification, the law mandates that a certain percentage of the sentence must be served before the offender is eligible for parole. The Alabama  Department of Correction calculates the percentage and determines the Release Eligibility Date (RED).
Every case is considered individually, and multiple factors effect the decision made to grant or decline parole. Some of the factors are:
  • nature and severity of the crime committed;
  • the offenders personal role in the crime;
  •  prior criminal record;
  • behavior while incarcerated;
  • views of the sentencing Judge,
  • recommendations of the institutional staff;
  • recommendations of the prosecuting district attorney general,
  • opinions of the victim(s) and the community;
  • the offenders circumstances if returned to the community;
  •  any mitigating or aggravating circumstances;
  • the offenders vocational training and employment history before and during incarceration;
  • the offenders past use of drugs and alcohol;
  • the offenders behavior and attitude during any previous experience on probation and parole;
  • the offenders release plan, where he or she intends to work and live; and objective parole prediction guidelines assessing the risk an offender may pose to society or the potential for success.

In considering these factors, the Board relies on information from the following and other sources:
  • The offenders BOPP file (includes letters and recommendations and reports);
  • institutional file (including social history and behavior record and recommendations);
  •  incident reports; observations offered by officials, community members;
  • medical and mental health professionals; comments and assertions by the offender and family or friends; a
  • nd the experience of victims or other interested parties.

        Release on parole is a privilege and not a right, and no inmate convicted shall be granted parole if the Board finds that:

    • There is a substantial risk that the defendant will not conform to the conditions of the release program;
    • The release from custody at the time would depreciate the seriousness of the crime of which the defendant stands convicted or promote disrespect for the law;
    • The release from custody at the time would have a substantially adverse effect on institutional discipline; or
    • The defendants continued correctional treatment, medical care or vocational or other training in the institution will substantially enhance the defendants capacity to lead a law-abiding life when given release status at a later time.
    The Board of Probation and Parole Rules and Regulations, filed as required with the AL Secretary of States office, states that community support and/or opposition are one of the many factors that the Board weighs in making parole decisions.
    Our Disclaimer... Nothing is Hidden!
    Your Loved One comes first and their information is confidential... Your Loved One is treated with courtesy and respect regardless of their crime!

    We are not Representatives of or affiliated with any of the Boards of Pardons and Paroles in any way or in any state. All parole related decisions remain in the hands of the voting Members and No One Else.

    All individual cases are different; therefore,
    we do not make any promises or guarantees of parole being granted.

    No One can guarantee parole being granted EXCEPT the Parole Board.
    However, if Full Service is obtained, we do promise to work your case until approval is granted or your Loved One is released from prison.

    We attempt to provide current and useful information concerning parole and parole procedures. The information and assistance provided by us is for general informational purposes only and should only be construed as such.

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