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No, you are not reading our logo incorrectly - our future plans are to convert an existing restaurant into a combination dog cafe, bakery with fresh treats, bookstore and a marketplace for dog food and supplies, in one of a kind business, similar to this:

What is the Safe Haven Sanctuary PAWS Cafe?

-We will be a dog restaurant, bakery  and one stop pet supply brick and mortar marketplace as well as online special order house.
-We believe in promoting the health and nutrition of your pet while at the same time making them feel happy and spoiled.
-For the restaurant, we will have a doggie menu with homemade items we guarantee you have never seen anywhere else.
-Because we can not prepare dog food and human food in the same facility, people will be encouraged to bring food for themselves from home, a favorite restaurant or a restaurant located in the same shopping center as us. People will be able to  bring in picnic baskets from home, or simply grab a drink from Starbucks and come in with their dog.
-People will not be required to bring in food, so if you would just like to come in a treat your doggie to a meal then feel free!

Where do you and your dog eat together?

-You and your dog will eat together in private eating enclosures that are indoors where you can let your dog off the leash.
-We will come take your order and serve your dog a bowl of water and their meal, just like a human restaurant!
-Please don't worry if your dog is a messy eater, we will clean up anything he or she leaves behind.

What is the doggy menu like?

-The doggie menu will have a variety of meal and dessert items based on real ones made for humans per our very own tried and true recipes. (I have five dogs who act as taste testers).
-All items will be made with ingredients that are completely healthy for dogs: our baker has spent years researching dog nutrition to ensure each menu item is not only delicious, but safe too (hot doggie in a blanket).
-It's okay if for some reason you won't be able to bring your dog to the  Cafe, all menu items will  always be available to go!
-If you would like to host a birthday party here, or if you are a part of a breed club or any other animal organization and would like to hold an event here , we will be happy to accommodate you. All we ask is that you inform us two weeks in advance with information on the number of people and dogs that will be attending as well as which menu items you would like.

What other products are available at the Cafe?

-We will carry a wide variety of dog foods that are of the highest quality on the market: no food in this store will contain any corn, by-products, unspecified ingredients or artificial ingredients.
-Many foods we will carry are great for dogs with specific medical conditions, and we also have a medical section in the store with handouts outlining numerous illnesses/diseases and which foods are best for dogs with these problems.
-We will also have supplements, toys, grooming supplies and beautiful cedar dog houses. We will also carry dry and canned cat food as well as small animal food.
-We have done all the research for you and narrowed down the items we carry to only the most beneficial, unique and highest quality products. We will take great pride in having toys and accessories that are distinctive and can not be found at any other pet stores in the area (example: wacky walk'r, tuffy toys, bark collar).

What other services are available at the Cafe?

-We will happily work one-on-one with customers to answer any questions they have about their pet's health and which products will work best for them.
-We have learned that no two pets are alike and we will try to give each customer individual attention where their pets are concerned.
-If you have a question regarding your pet that we can not initially answer, we will work hard to find that answer for you and provide you with any needed information or in our bookstore.
-We would be glad to make special orders for any customer if we do not routinely carry a desired product in the store. We can set up a schedule with you to order the product(s) you need on a weekly or monthly basis. All we ask is that the merchandise is paid for in advance and that we have your contact information.
-We will also act as a clearing house to help you locate a qualified veterinarian, animal trainer, day care operation or boarding facility in the Jefferson County area.

Is the Cafe family friendly?

-Absolutely! We will encourage families and friends to come hang out here and enjoy themselves with their dogs.
-We will also try to help the community in any way we can.

What kind of dogs are welcome at the  Cafe?

-Almost any dog is welcome! All we will ask is that he or she is up to date with vaccines and is not currently ill.
-Also, your dog will need to be friendly so that he or she is not a risk to any other dog or person.


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