The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries - A Beacon of Light for the Soul in Need!


Our objective is to assist you along your path of recovery. We cannot change you,
and we are not about forcing people to change. But, we can help you along your journey to figure out the best way to get to where you want to be with your life.

We provide resources to the State of Alabama and Federal inmates for:
  • Securing a home plan -in our transitional housing programs.
  • Secure a job plan.
  • Provide other resources needed when the inmate is approved for parole and returns to the county of their choice to reside.

The Lighthouse for Recovery goes far above and beyond the term "Half-Way" in proving that half-way is not good enough and "complete" is the goal to strive for.
We believe that every man or woman regardless of their criminal history or background can change. We believe that a number of factors contribute to the mind set and mentality of the individual and we have a unique way of leading them to discover their beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve them in their lives. We are committed to identifying what the individual needs and assisting them in becoming productive and responsible members of society.
Our transitional program is structured in a way that reveals the barriers that has prevented these men and women from achieving the life that they were meant to have. This will include Intensive one on one session with our experienced, well trained staff. Our staff has developed a unique way of reaching the men and women we serve. Our methods have proved extremely successful.


Transitional services help people about to be released from prison or jail prepare for their transition back into society, and support recently released individuals to reintegrate successfully into their communities.
Transitioning away from incarceration is a particularly challenging and disorienting process. Many of the building blocks of independent living are not yet in place, resulting in big, seemingly insurmountable questions: “Where do I live?”, “Where is my next meal coming from?” “How do I get a job to pay for any of this?” The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries' transitional services help clients navigate these complicated issues.
This program is designed to assist offenders in preparing for and accomplishing a successful return to the community. Operating statewide, the Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries has developed liaisons with service providers in the community and is able to provide on-going assistance in locating and accessing resources responsive to the needs, including food, shelter, clothing, education, medical services, as well as emotional support and encouragement.
Staff begin working with clients while they are incarcerated so that support systems are in place upon release. Clients request admission to the program through their institutional counselor.
The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries  pre-release staff  provides meaningful social services, support, and intervention to prisoners.  We are a direct channel for communication between inmates and their attorneys, families, employers, social service and treatment providers, and other elements of the criminal justice system. 

  • parole release plan for our clients only
  • case management
  • crisis intervention
  • referral services
  • re-entry support services
  • community re-integration; by:
  • assistance accessing housing services;
  • educational needs; 
  • employment services,
  • benefit eligibility assessment and referral;
  • assistance obtaining identification;
  • referrals to drug treatment programs;
  • medical and mental health referrals and assessment;
  • household furnishings and referrals;
  • food/clothing assistance or referrals;
  • and assistance in reunifying with family and support systems in the community.

Our first step is to provide each client a "Breaking the Chains" Box upon release from incarceration (only applies if individual is entering a transitional program, not going to their home environments). 
These boxes include:
  1. Personal Hygiene Items
  2. Linens (sheets, comforter, bath towels and wash cloths)
  3. Set of Dishware (plate, saucer, mug, glass and eating utensils)
  4. Set of cooking ware (pots and pans)
  5. Clothing:  5 sets, if not being released from work release facilities
  6. Food, non perishable items
 Applications for:

Secondly, we help clients secure the essential benefits and identification they need to get on their feet, including Medicaid, food stamps, birth certificates, and social security cards.
Lastly, we offer workshops and classes that give clients the opportunity to develop important life skills, improve their education, and prepare to enter a competitive job market upon release.
Reentry can be both exciting and frustrating!  Our attitude toward release from prison is that it should be a simple matter of getting resettled, resuming routines, and reestablishing your relationships; but reality proves there is much more to it than that.

Beginning six months prior to release until the day they are released,  we work with each individual to develop comprehensive service plans and connect them to other services in the community, that will support their successful reentry.
 Our program is social model theory based along with a strong set of guidelines promoting responsibility and accountability.  Upon entry into our program, we will do an intake process that will help put a plan in place with a clear direction for each individual man and woman re-entering society.

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