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Do you need Social Security Disability help?
  • Do you need help understanding the Social Security Disability Claims process?
  • Are you about to file a Social Security Disability claim and need help?
  • Have you started the process of applying for Social Security benefits and now realize you need help?
  • Have you applied for Social Security Disability with no response back and don't know what to do next?
  • Have you been denied Social Security Disability Benefits, and want help to appeal?

No matter what stage of the Social Security Disability claim process you are in our social security advocates can help you. 

As a former registered nurse, physicians and surgical assistant for over 30 years and a legal nursing consultant, I am able to act as your highly qualified legal representative, fighting on your behalf for Social Security Disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income.  I have a 100% SUCCESS RATE in winning our claimants their Disability Benefits.

The reason for such a high success rate; I only represent those individuals who are truly mentally or physically disabled due to extensive review of all medical or psychiatric records prior to accepting anyone as a client.

I will help you throughout the entire process as needed, from the initial application right up to arguing your claim in federal court. It will be our firm's responsibility to secure critical records and documentation. We will give you guidance during each step of the appeal process.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) denies about 65 percent of all people filing initial disability applications. This is a 35% success rate when people do not use proper representation to file their claims.  With our 100% success rate, The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries are here to help you have a fighting chance to get the disability benefits you are looking for.  No matter what your case is, we are here to ensure yourself and your family members the best representation

Never Give Up. Always Follow Up. 

Applying for SSD or SSI - and then appealing your claim when it's denied - is extremely confusing. You are not alone in this process. We will help.

Did you know: most Social Security Disability and SSI claims are denied at the first two stages of the appeal process -  Initial Determination and the Reconsideration stages. This means, in order to ever win approval, these claims will need to be heard by an Administrative Law Judge at the next level of appeal.

It is highly recommended that an experienced  Social Security advocate be there at this level (and beyond) to ensure a properly developed and represented case.

Why Should You Contact Us?

  • I am Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law by the National Board of Social Security Disability Nursing Consultant Advocacy. What does that mean? It means that I must have extensive knowledge of the law of administrative procedure, federal civil procedure, and other substantive and regulatory law involved in the prosecution of Social Security Disability Claims. It also means that to become board certified, I must have handled matters dealing with social security disability claims which involve physical or mental injury or illness to a claimant. 
  • Over 30 years in the medical and psychiatric fields as a registered nurse,  physicians assistant and surgical assistant.
  • I am a certified Legal Nursing Consultant for Personal Injury medical reviews and social security claims for SSDI and SSI for clients.
  • Master's Degree in Medical and Social Psychology
  • Successful in 91 SSDI and SSI claims for clients in the past 5 years.
  • Successful in 45 Administrative Law Judge Hearings by effectively cross examining medical and vocational experts hired by the government.

Cardiac/Vascular Disorders
·         Mental Health
·         Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
·         Bipolar Disorder
·         Major Depressive Disorder
·         Orthopedic Injuries
·         Leg, Knee & Ankle Disorders and Injuries
·         Hip Injuries
·         Arm Injuries
·         Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
·         Back Injuries and Diseases
·         Neurological Disorders
·         Sleep Disorders
·         Fibromyalgia Disability
·         Headaches
·         Blood Disorders
·         Diabetes Mellitus
·         Auto-Immune Diseases/AIDS and HIV
·         Cancer
·         Stomach, Intestine and Liver Disorders
·         Pulmonary Disorders/Lung Diseases
·         Asthma Disability
·         Gastrointestinal Disorder Disability
·         Hepatitis Disability
·         Irritable Bowel Syndrome Disability
·         Kidney Failure Disability
·         Liver Disease Disability
·         Multiple Sclerosis Disability
·         Renal Failure Disability
·         Seizures Disability
·         Stomach and Intestine Disorder Disability
·         Work Related Accidents
·         Car Accidents
·         Other Accidents/Accidents at Home  

So Call Us for an Initial Consultation at 205-834-6272 or email at, and we will:

  • We will be by your side from beginning to end.  We will answer any questions you may have about the process at anytime.
  • We will keep you advised of any progress throughout the entire duration of your case.
  • We will eliminate the hours of waiting at the SSA Office.We will already have all the appropriate paperwork and assist you with filling it out correctly.  This includes the  Social Security Disability Application, any questionnaires and then we will develop and organize your case and also submit relevant medical and vocational documentation.
  • We will assist you in collecting and filling out all the correct vocational and medical documentation required for you to win your benefits.  We will make sure all documentation is organized correctly for the administration.
  • A number of our clients will never have to set foot into a court room for a hearing.  In cases that do have the need to enter the court room, we will be there by your side to professionally represent you in front of the judges.
  • By chance that you are denied your first initial claim, We will also help you with any appeals that are necessary.   We will stand by you until the very end.
  • If you have already started the process and are confused of what to do next or if you have been denied, we are still here for you.  Get in touch with us and let us assist you from any point of the process you may be stuck in.

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