The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries - A Beacon of Light for the Soul in Need!

Along a rugged craggy coast a stately lighthouse stood, sending forth its shining beams, helping seafarers all it could.
This one desperate stormy night, or so the legend’s told,
one hardened veteran mariner had wandered from the fold.
His seaman’s knowledge had failed him and he didn’t sense the storm. The blackened water caught him up and tossed him to and fro.
How he would ever reach the shore he surely didn’t know. At one time he’d felt close to God but through the years, he’d drifted away.
Now faith rose in his heart once more as the old man began to pray... “Dear Lord, I ask your guidance for I’m lost upon the sea. I put this vessel into your hands and I place my trust in thee...”
No sooner had he said these words a voice said “Steer to right.” Was his old mind playing tricks? he asked, but he turned with all his might.
A glimpse of lightning flashed. A huge boulder grazed his boat. He didn’t question further—The voice had kept his craft afloat.
In the foggy distance, now he saw the sign he’d waited for: The lighthouse with its steady beam guiding him back to shore.
“It’s you, Lord, isn’t it?”, asked the man, his heart longing to be sure.
“I am with you,” came the answer, then these words, clear and pure: “I am the arms that carried you through the darkest times you’ve known—I am the Voice you hear in the night—And the Light that leads you home.”
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