The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries - A Beacon of Light for the Soul in Need!
"To help rebuild broken lives and to support successful reentry from prison and promote alternatives to incarceration, thus strengthening the fabric of our communities."
To open the door for recovery, restoration and hope to the Returning Citizen and its family members which will empower, enrich and promote positive change.
We do this by:
  • BELIEVING in the power of individuals to change;
  • BUILDING LIVES through service programs shaped by the needs and experience of our clients; and
  • CHANGING MINDS through education and advocacy to promote the creation of a fair, humane and truly rehabilitative correctional system.
Transitional services help people about to be released from prison or jail prepare for their transition back into society, and support recently released individuals to reintegrate successfully into their communities.
Transitioning away from incarceration is a particularly challenging and disorienting process.

Providing a safe and structured environment and program for those who find themselves homeless, domestic violence, veterans and homeless veterans, at at-risk youth and families who are facing or in homelessness.

The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries
promotes public safety by holding
offenders accountable for their actions
and reducing the risk of future
criminal behavior by working with each individual to formalize their transitional and community reintegration needs into a solid plan for their lives.
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