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Local Bank is Today's "Scrooge" for this Christmas

This is a VERY personal blog with an issue that developed with a large, Southern regional bank located here in Birmingham, AL, that makes Scrooge look like the Tooth Fairy. Our office is located in Birmingham, AL although we offer our programs and services on a national level.

At this time of year, we should be exhibiting charity, concern, and goodwill towards all men, with a deep concern for those less fortunate.
Our organization’s mission is to assist those in need, whether they are adults or children.

We do not make a dime of salary for all our efforts and only request donations and sponsorships at Christmas to fulfill the needs of our Christmas programs: Christmas is for Kids; Operation Santa USMC and Prison Fellowship’s “Angel Tree” program.

Our programs are fulfilling 2000 applications for Christmas is for Kids; 2000 for Operation Santa and over 1000 children for the Angel Tree program this year with generous donations from national businesses, corporations, agencies and companies that help to make our dreams possible and help to offset cost of distribution, labor and other items.
However, bah, humbug to this bank!

In September 2013, this bank approved sponsorship for $2000.00 for our Angel Tree distribution of toys and gifts to children who reside in Alabama, but have a parent who is incarcerated within the Alabama prison system or the federal prison system. Our trip to (Houston County) Dothan, AL was to be on December 19-20 and Calhoun County was to be on December 22nd.

I have just returned today from an extended trip to 12 states in six days, distributing our toys and baskets under the Christmas is for Kids to needy families and children to find what I consider a “lump of coal” in my stocking!
It seems that this bank has decided to withdraw their sponsorship of our Angel Tree distributions in Calhoun and Houston counties in Alabama and the reason: They do not want to provide the funds to assist other counties in our state by stipulating that they only want their fund used in Jefferson County, here at home.

So now, unless I can locate another resource immediately to sponsor or donate the much needed funding of $2000.00 for the Angel Tree program, we will have to cancel both events.

The problem lies in the fact that I have contacted all the families in both Calhoun County and Houston County to come and join us in our distribution of gifts in a party atmosphere. Now I must call each parent or grandparent who has custody of the children and tell him or her that their gift from their “parent” will not be delivered.

All because of a terribly uncharitable act by an institution that we all use, as consumers, on a daily basis.

If you have looked through our website, you know that I hate to disappoint children, especially at Christmas.

Now I have to be the Scrooge and cancel their Christmas.
I am angry and saddened at this turn of events.

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