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For the drug addicted person, or alcoholic who cannot maintain steady employment, the temporary employment service becomes the only option for employment.

The problem arises from the reality, that this individual need not take any steps toward self-improvement in order to remain employed. All he/she need do is show up each day reasonably sober. The temporary employment service is primarily interested in filling the position, that is how they make their money.

The temporary service bills the company eighteen dollars per hour for a worker, yet pays the worker only seven dollars and twenty five cents per hour,(federal minimum wage). It is not good business practice for these companies, who profit off the labors of others, to promote any type of upward mobility or self-improvement.

As long as they remain in a stable enough condition to work, they will be utilized. Creating incentives for the establishment of transitional housing programs which would operate in conjunction with non-profit employment services, would be a start towards the creation of a system of social responsibility which focuses on the plight of the homeless.

The social advantage to operating a non-profit temporary employment service lies in the fact that it becomes more client based on both sides. First of all, only those who participate in a cognitive training program and remain substance free would be allowed to participate.

This ensures that the workers being sent out to job sites are in a sober state which will create safer working conditions for all involved. Next, the company requesting the laborer is ensured of a better employee than one that is living in substandard conditions and still in active addiction/alcoholism.

Finally, the participant in the program will be housed in an environment which is pro-social and progressive towards goals. Some may say that this concept smacks of socialism, so be it. If that is what it takes to improve the lives of many then politics should not be a consideration, after all, politics are the voice of the people, not the government.

Financial status has been the dictator of degree of rights for far too long. The reality of the situation is that the financially challenged far outnumber the elite. If something is not done to alleviate the problem soon, many will wake up one morning to find that they have joined the ranks in front of the Boutwell Auditorium.        
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