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There can be more than one execution date set in each case. Once a tier in the appellate procedure is complete, the Alabama Supreme Court could set an execution date.

If the defendant files the next appeal in a timely manner, the Court before which this new appeal is pending could then stay the execution date.

Once the appeals are exhausted, however, and the defendant has exercised all rights to appeal with no relief, the Alabama Supreme Court sets an execution date no earlier than thirty days from the date of the order.

It is your right as a surviving family member to request to view the execution at Holman Prison. The Attorney General’s Office of Victim Assistance (AGOVA) will make arrangements with the commissioner of the Alabama Department of Corrections and the warden of Holman Prison for approval of a request for up to eight (8) members of the victim’s immediate family to attend the execution.

An AGOVA representative will accompany the family members to Holman Prison should they choose to attend. The immediate family members who choose to attend the execution must call AGOVA at 1-800-626-7676 or 334-242-7342 to make appropriate arrangements in advance of the execution date.
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