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An Addict in the Family: Family at Risk Therapy Workshop

One of the missions of The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries is to provide addicts and families and social service personnel with support and education on the disease of addiction, cross addiction and the impact on the family.

Our addiction and substance abuse family therapy program is designed to assess your family’s needs, educate you about chemical dependence and offers ongoing family support during and/or after the patient’s addiction treatment.

The disease of addiction has significant physical, emotional and social consequences for the individual seeking addiction treatment and for the family and significant others who have been impacted by the disease. We view family as an essential component of a patient’s ongoing recovery program and seek to involve family members in the addiction treatment and recovery process.

The Addiction Family Therapy Workshop is designed to assist members of a family in establishing a supportive and healthy recovery environment by encouraging members to be authentic, communicate, utilize boundaries, and function in a healthy fashion.

During this workshop, family members will learn how codependent behaviors, trauma, mood disorders and/or addictions can impact a family system. Family members will develop tools to successfully enhance recovery and a relational family system. Our primary goal is to help members bridge the gaps that have plagued the family system.

Registration for this event can be found on our website at
For additional information please contact, Pamela Wray Biron, Executive Director/Founder at 205-834-6272 (cell phone) or email her at

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