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As we enter the holiday season let us not forget how fortunate you are as lawyers.

Sure, you are the primary source of countless and tasteless jokes that unfortunately seem to be remembered more easily than all the good you actually do.

What people do not realize is, you truly are the bridge to the justice system. That is an enormous responsibility and can be a great source of help to many.

While you are planning your busy holiday season with family and friends, be sure to remember those who may be in need of support. Many are in need of legal assistance, but cannot afford it. Many you may think would qualify for legal aid, do not. Many are simply disenfranchised. Then there are the elderly, the disabled and the children, all who rarely, if ever, have a voice in our justice system.

I encourage us all to add another good deed to that long holiday list. Volunteer to represent a child in a divorce case as a Guardian ad Litem or help the elderly individual with an eviction issue or the young family with a collection matter.

In thinking about what you can do as lawyers, I am reminded of what Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both.” I hope we all take this time to reflect on how we truly impact those around us. Lawyers are important and we can make a difference.

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