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We have truly been blessed with acceptance of our application to showcase our new line of "Dog Treat and Dessert"  menus for dogs on June 20, 2015 from 10:00am to 4:00pm at the Woodlawn Street Market, here in my community of Woodlawn.

The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministriesnew online and special order bakery, Those Precious Moments, is a new and vital part of our nonprofit family. 

We will offer special order cakes, mini cakes, tartlets, fudge lines, and other goodies that will make your mouth water with freshly made bakery items.  All bakery goods are made fresh when you order - we do not keep stock in house.  We believe in using the freshest ingredients with our own recipes over the past fifteen years.

Those Precious Moments will donate 50% of every sale to fund The Lighthouse for Recovery's programs and services, 20% of every sale is for our Safe Haven Dog Sanctuary and  30% of every sale will be donated to our new partner, Bake Sales for NO KID HUNGRY! to help alleviate hunger in our children in Jefferson County and Alabama.

Those Precious Moments will offer baked goodies for humans as well as dogs (and a few cat goodies added in) so we invite you to attend the Woodlawn Street Market and sample our goodies and make FIDO (or Ms Kitty) a happy camper with a box of our homemade treats and desserts that make them sit up and WOOF!

For those of you who cannot attend, we will be holding an online bake sale of doggie and kitty treats the same day for your convenience.

And an added bonus will be a drawing for a Christmas cake to be delivered in December 2015! 

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